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The Alignment Factor Leadership Development Training Program


THE ALIGNMENT FACTOR Leadership Development Training Program is a twelve-month training program designed specifically for the Key Decision Maker (KDM), typically the organization leader, and those managers who report to the Key Decision Maker, who are known as Direct Reports (DRs).

Each training session focuses on a specific organization factor that can be positively impacted by improved Alignment. In the training session, your Direct Report will learn how that factor affects your organization and how improving Alignment in that area will improve organization results.


I have been here for nine years and after three months of The Alignment Factor the team is better and stronger than ever. The teamwork, the cohesion has been a lot better. Marty Green, Colorado, USA - General Manager Custom Environmental Services
Introducing the language of alignment has, inevitably, brought alignment much more into focus as an issue and an important requirement for business improvement. There is increased reference in strategic discussions to alignment and team development issues as a result of the TAF programmes. Douglas Brown, West Yorkshire, UK - Plateau Growth
We have created more available working hours in the week by adopting the twelve alignment principles. Valerie Riefenstahl, Texas, USA - ROI Associates
Provides a complete organization leader’s handbook for success by getting all the key players in an organization truly on the same page. Keith Weaver, North Carolina, USA - Smart State L.L.C.
Alignment saves, rather than costs, time and money. Mike Wright, Oregon, USA - Stratyx
A powerful nuts-and-bolts approach to aligning any leadership team in any organization. Douglas W. Roof, Delaware, USA - DWR Management