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Alignment Check

If you are the Key Decision Maker in your organization, please complete the simple questionnaire below. Then ask each manager who reports directly to you to answer the same questions ... but out of your presence so you are not influencing the answers. 

When all the questionnaires are completed, compare the answers. This is the Alignment Check.

Each instance where there is a “No” answer or instance of a mismatch answer between you and your Direct Report, is an area where your team is out of Alignment.


1. Weekly meetings are held to plan and review short-term priorities.  YES    NO
2. The organization holds effective strategic team planning sessions, and as a result, long-term priorities are clear.  YES    NO
3. On a personal level, my daily priorities are clear  YES    NO
4. I have weekly one-on-one meetings with the person to whom I report/the person(s) who report to me.  YES    NO
5. I feel I am on the same page with the person to whom I report, and the person(s) who report to me.  YES    NO
6. A clear organization vision has been established, and I am comfortable communicating it.  YES    NO
7. Most people who work here feel fulfilled.  YES    NO
8. All employees of the organization are updated on the performance and future of the business.  YES    NO
9. Managers find it easy to get the information they need to complete key tasks.  YES    NO
10.  The organization does a good job of retaining key people.  YES    NO
11. The organization effectively motivates all its employees to achieve goals.  YES    NO
12. Internal procedures are so clearly communicated in writing that the organization operates effectively.  YES    NO
13. The organization has developed and is following effective internal procedures to operate the business.  YES    NO

Again -- if the answers do not match, or if there a single “NO” answer, your organization's team is out of Alignment!

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