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Commit to Alignment: There will never be outstanding Alignment without a commitment to invest time and effort in it. 

PAVE Your Way to Success: Experience the most personal fulfillment and deliver the most "bang for the buck" to the company.

Plans and Priorities: Take advantage of one-on-one meetings between the Key Decision Maker and the Direct Report, so each side knows exactly how time, effort and energy will be focused.

Weekly Strategic Leadership Team Meetings: Improve Alignment with weekly team meetings.

Annual Strategic Team Meetings: Step back and get the big picture.


Working Dynamics: Deliver positive results for the company by supporting a mutually respectful relationship.

Company Values and Working Environment: Align on the critical company values the Key Decision Maker and the Direct Report should be modeling for the rest of the organization.

Company Vision: Identify and understand all the elements of the Key Decision Maker's vision for the company.



Roles and Responsibilities: Learn how the Direct Report can make life easier for the Key Decision Maker, starting right now.

Critical Success Factors: Learn how to identify the objectives so critical to the company that its success depends on achieving them.

Strategic Direction Initiatives: Identify the company's strategic direction, and ensure that the forts of every member of the Strategic Leadership Team are consistent with that strategic direction.

Alignment Is Evergreen: Maintain the company's commitment to Alignment over time.